Navigate the world of OpenTelemetry

With the help of our sample applications and well-defined steps (just like a recipe!) you will learn how to instrument your applications and become an OpenTelemetry chef in no time 😎

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Here's how it works:

explore apps

1. Explore the samples

Explore the available samples. You can text search or use the filters.

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2. Pick a sample

Click on the sample to view its details


3. Follow the steps

Follow the steps given by the sample to configure OTel in your application.

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Learn and apply OpenTelemetry concepts the practical way.

For many, observability is a whole new world and getting started can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning. But don't worry, OTel recipes is here to help!

With the help of small, to-the-point samples, and well-defined steps, you can learn how to quickly get started and add OTel to your projects.

The samples are end-to-end tested, to guarantee a frustration-free experience when trying it out on your own. 🧘‍♂️

Get involved!

You can contribute to OTel Recipes in several ways. Helping maintaining existing samples, adding new ones or improving our docs and website. All contributions are welcome!

We foster an inclusive and welcoming community. It doesn't matter whether you are already familiar with OpenTelemetry or just getting started.

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