Introducing: OTel Recipes

OTel Recipes is an open source project composed of two parts: a collection of sample applications that are focused on achieving a specific goal with OpenTelemetry and this website, that allows you to browse the samples in a simple and structured way.
The samples are curated by the OpenTelemetry community and are focused on teaching you how to configure and use OpenTelemetry for various tasks the easy way . The samples help you answer questions such as:
  • How can I configure my Java application to emit OpenTelemetry traces?
  • How can I record metrics in my .NET service?
  • How can I enrich my application logs with trace information?
The sample applications follow a structure and are broken down into steps (just like a recipe! 🥙). The website then uses this structure to present the steps needed to successfully configure and use OpenTelemetry in your projects. 🚀 🔭
Since the project is open source, anyone can contribute to OTel recipes. You can help maintain and update the existing samples, introduce new samples for your favorite programming language(s), help with documentation and many more. Take a look at our contributing guidelines to learn how to get started.

Why OTel recipes?

As OpenTelemetry adoption grows, more and more people will start to hear about it and want to see what it is about. The truth is, for many, it will be the first time they are exposed to the many concepts that the OpenTelemetry project brings, and it can be a little overwhelming.
Trying things out is a great way to learn new things and this is the goal of OTel recipes. Via simple and use-case focused sample applications, users can absorb and understand concepts in a productive way.